Tags on iOS

On our Solo and Team plans you can tag items with anything you want - #inspiration, #hungry or the inevitable #todo. You can use as many tags as you want on any given item - the more, the merrier! Especially when it comes to seeing connections between items you might not have even considered before.

Adding tags

To add a tag to an item that is already in a collection hold your finger on the item until it’s highlighted and then press the ellipsis button in the top right corner and select ‘tag’ from the menu. Dropmark will suggest your most used tags and narrow down the view as you type. You can also bulk tag items by highlighting several items at once before pressing the ellipsis button.

When you add new items to your collection, you'll be given the option to add tags at the same time on Dropmark for iOS. 

Searching with tags

Tags are a great way of being able to find items when you need them & with our search tool, you can find all things tagged #goals in one place, no matter what collection they are in. You can search individual collections or globally, and — here’s where it gets fun — try filtering with #multiple #tags to discover interesting intersections among your items.

When searching for a tag with multiple words separated by a space put a hyphen between the words. For example, if you want to bring up all of your items tagged ‘sandwich recipe’ then you would type #sandwich-recipe, and Dropmark will find all your sandwich based dreams in seconds.

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