Getting started on iOS

Let’s familiarise ourselves with the Dropmark app for iOS.


After you have logged in when you open up the app, you will be taken to the dashboard, here is where your collections will be visible just like on your browser. You can choose to view the collections in three different ways: Recent, Highlights, and A-Z.

Recent will prioritize the collections that have had activity recently; this includes if what your teammates have been adding if you are on a team plan.

Highlights will show the collections that you have highlighted. See how to highlight collections here (link Dropmark for iOS / Highlighting a collection)

A-Z view will list your collections alphabetically. If you want to make a collection come to the top of this list, you can add a symbol to the beginning of the title. Alternatively, to make a collection go to the bottom of the list insert an emoji.


The activity feed will show you items that have been recently interacted with. This includes new items, new comments or annotations. This view can be particularly useful when working with collaborators, so you’re always up to date.


This button is how you add something new to Dropmark. When you press the add button, a menu will appear from the bottom of your screen giving you several options for how to add things to Dropmark including new collections and new items.


This is how you can search for your items either with or without tags.


This is where your account details live; you can edit them by pressing on each field. You can also log out here or send feedback to our team. We read and reply to every single message you send us, so if you’re confused at any time or think of a cool feature we should implement, please get in touch.

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