On our Pro and Team plans you can tag items with anything you want - #inspiration, #hungry or the inevitable #todo. You can use as many tags as you want on any given item, the more the merrier, especially when it comes to seeing connections between items you might not have even considered before.

Adding a tag

When you view the item you can see the option to tag on the right sidebar underneath 'Tags', simply type in your tags here separated by commas.

Tip: you can tag your items when you add them to Dropmark when you use one of our browser extensions or using Dropmark for iOS.

Searching with tags

Tags are a great way of being able to find items when you need them & with our search tool, you can find all things tagged #goals in one place, no matter what collection they are in. You can search individual collections or globally, and — here’s where it gets fun — try filtering with #multiple #tags to discover interesting intersections among your items.

If you want to search for a tag which has a space in it simply put a hyphen between the words. For example, if you want to bring up all of your items tagged ‘sandwich recipe’ then you would type #sandwich-recipe and Dropmark will find all your sandwich based dreams in seconds.

The most popular tags used are visible in the sidebar on the left of your browser. You can click one of these and Dropmark will bring up all items tagged with that tag, much like a global search. Tags have to be used a minimum of 5 times before they will appear in the sidebar.

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