Team features

Welcome to Dropmark for teams!

Teams can be managed by multiple people, making it easy to make changes without sharing personal account credentials. You can have a team of 2 or 200+, and team collections are flexible so you can work on your own, with a small group or the whole team.

The key difference with Team subscriptions is that collections are automatically shared with team members, and there’s a separate dashboard for your team. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still create a private collection for yourself while on a team subscription - how else are you going to plan your April Fools pranks?


Supercharge your item organization with tags. Filter items in a collection or search everything by a particular tag.

Comments & annotations

Discuss each item with the folks you share with comments and let them tell you how awesome you are.

Annotate your heart out. Point to changes with the arrow tool, draw shapes with the brush, and highlight edits with the highlighter.


A stack is a group of items within a collection. You might think of it as a simpler form of a subfolder or subcollection.

Email uploads 

Save items to your Dropmark collections by merely sending an email. Perfect for when you’re on the run.

Custom domains 

Share personalized links with clients and make Dropmark your own with a custom domain.

Slack Integration 

When you connect your collection with a Slack channel, you’ll receive Slack notifications when a new item or comment is added to the Dropmark collection.

What else?

Go to our Plans page to see more great Team features. You can upgrade anytime, and the first 14 days are free. 

Upgrade to a Team plan

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