Changing your plan

Upgrading to Solo 

It is easy to upgrade to a Solo plan from a free Lite plan at any time, simply go here, add in your card details and your account will be updated. You get a free 14-day trial to test out all the Solo features before your card is charged. 

Downgrading from Solo 

Sometimes circumstances change and you might want to go back to the Lite account - i.e. if you've moved over to a team plan. To downgrade from your Solo plan to a free Lite plan head over to your plan page here and choose 'Downgrade to the Lite plan and lose Solo benefits'. 

Upgrading to Team

Click here to create a new Team plan. You will choose your team name and team domain, both of which you can change at a later date. Then you can add your teammates and get down to business.

Downgrading from Team

Since teams are separate from your personal account, they can only be canceled. Full details on canceling your plan can be found here.

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