Transferring collection ownership

Need to transfer ownership of a collection to someone else? Maybe you’ve moved companies, or you’re ready to hand off a project to your client.

Transfer a single collection’s ownership

  1. Open the collection settings window
  2. Select the collaborator or team from the 'Owner' dropdown
  3. Save your collection

If you don’t see an 'Owner' drop-down or don’t see the person in the dropdown, make sure the person is a collaborator on the collection first.

Transfer ownership of multiple collections to a team

If you’re part of a Team plan on Dropmark and would like to transfer ownership of some of your personal collections to the team, you can do so from the  Team Migrator page:

Visit this link or find it in your team’s settings page:

  1. Visit the team’s settings page
  2. Under the 'Tools' section, click 'Team migrator'
  3. On the 'Team migrator' page, select the personal collections you’d like to transfer to the team.
  4. Click the submit button at the bottom of the page

Transfer ownership on iOS

  1. View the collection which you would like to transfer and click the ellipsis in the top right corner of your screen then press 'Details' in the menu that appears at the bottom 
  2. On the next screen press on 'Owner' and choose the collection's new owner from the options given
  3. Save your selection by pressing save in the top right corner

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