Stacks are available on Pro and Team plans and are the perfect way to keep your collection’s items organized. 

A Stack is a group of items within a collection. If you’re a team of web designers working with a client, you could create a collection for the project and then create a stack for each iteration or website section. If you’re a teacher, you could create a collection to share with your students and create a stack for each day’s session. There are so many uses for stacks!

Creating a stack

To create a stack, select the items you want to stack by clicking the tick icon in the left corner of the item, then click “Stack”. Once you have created a stack you can add additional items to the stack by clicking on the tick icon of items and pressing 'stack' in the toolbar at the top of the screen.


But what if you get too stack happy? To unstack, you first need to click on the stack, then highlight the first item. On the top bar which has now appeared, you can choose to ‘select all visible’, or continue to highlight the items you want to unstack. Next click ‘Unstack’ and voilà, the items will have now returned to the collection that the stack was in originally. 

You’ll now want to delete the empty stack too, you can do this by clicking on the ellipsis button of the empty stack. But if you want to be a maverick and let your empty stacks roam free, who are we to stop you?

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