Adding collaborators on iOS

When someone is added to your collection as a collaborator they’ll be able to do everything you can do in the collection, such as adding, editing and deleting items. If the owner of the collection is on the Solo or Team plan, every collaborator will also have access to the Solo features (like commenting and tagging) on that collection, even if they’re not on a Solo / Team plan.

Don’t want the person to be able to add/edit/delete items, but do want them to view your collection? Read about Privacy settings.

Invite a person or team to your collection

To invite someone to collaborate on your collection, open the collection’s settings by pressing the ellipsis button in the top right corner of the screen and choosing 'details' from the menu that appears. Once in your collection's settings, you can change the collection's privacy or add a collaborator by pressing 'invite collaborators'. To invite a new collaborator, enter their email address. 

If you’re part of a team and would like to invite the entire team, enter the team’s name and select it from the autocomplete, or select specific teammates by clicking on their name.

No login required for viewing

Collaborators who are added to your collection aren’t required to create a Dropmark account. When you invite them to your collection they’ll receive an email with a link to your collection. When they click on this link they’ll immediately have read-only access to the collection. This is perfect if you’re inviting a client to check out something you’ve been working on and don’t necessarily need them to contribute to the collection. However, if the collaborator does need the ability to manage items or add comments, they’ll need to create a Dropmark account.

Some examples

I want to invite team members to collaborate 
Add each team member as a collaborator, or if you’re subscribed to the Team plan, you can add the entire team as a collaborator by entering the team name.

I want to invite someone to comment on my items 
That person will need to be added as a collaborator to your collection and need to create a Dropmark account in order to add comments.

I want to publicly share my collection 
Change your collection’s privacy setting to “Everyone”. This will allow anyone to view your collection. Just note that this only makes your collection visible, and the ability to add/edit/delete items and to comment on items is still limited to collaborators you specifically added.

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