Using the Dropmark API

Dropmark offers two APIs:

  1. Feed API: simple read-only endpoints to access Dropmark data for personal use.
  2. Application API: develop mobile, desktop, or web applications for multiple users.

Feed API


Authentication is required for most calls, with exception to public collections. Two forms of authentication are supported:

  1. Basic auth using email (or username) and password.
  2. Personal, read-only API keys.

Personal keys can be obtained under  Collection Settings > Advanced > JSON or Account > Private links > Activity feed, depending on the desired endpoint. Keys are unique for each endpoint and collection, and can be reset at any time (from Account > Private links).


  1. Collection
    1. Retrieves items within a specific collection. Use the following URL, replacing :id for the numeric collection ID requested and username with a valid username.
    3. Supported parameters:
    4. Supported parameters:
      • key - personal read-only token (optional with basic auth)
      • callback - include for JSONP requests (optional)
    5. Note: Authentication is only required for private collections.
    6. Curl example:
      1. curl --user "username:password" ""
    7. JavaScript example:
      1. $.getJSON("", function(data) {; });
  2. Activity
    1. Retrieves a blended feed of newly created collections, items, comments, and reactions for a particular user or team. Use the following URL, replacing  username with a valid username.
    3. Supported formats:
      • JSON (.json)
      • RSS (.rss or .xml)
    4. Supported arguments:
      • key - personal read-only token (optional with basic auth)
    5. Curl example:
      1. curl --user "username:password" ""
    6. JavaScript example:
      1. $.getJSON("", function(data) {; });
    7. Tip: items may be uploaded using the Email uploads feature without requiring full API access.

Application API

The Application API is currently in beta and open to limited partners. To request access and register your application, e-mail and tell us about desired use.

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