Saving items via email

Saving items via email is great because you add items to your collections on the go, even from Android devices. This feature is currently only available Solo and Team plans.

Collection-specific email

Each collection has a unique email address assigned to it. Emails sent to this address containing attachments or text will be added to this particular collection.

To access the unique email address, click the Settings button inside your collection, and choose the “Advanced” tab. It will look something like this: ‘’. We recommend adding this address to your address book.

Account-wide email

Your account-wide email is a unique address which allows uploading into any collection, and even the creation of new collections.

You will find this address under the “Private links” section of your account settings page. Again, we recommend adding this email address to your address book so you can access it quickly later.

To specify the intended collection, append “#Collection name” (without quotes) to your subject line. If no collection is specified, uploads will be added to a collection named “Email uploads”. From here, you can drag the item to its intended location.

Adding different items to Dropmark using email upload

  • Text: use the subject line as the item name, and the body as the text.
  • Files: attach one or more files to upload, use the subject line as the item name (or leave blank to use the file’s name), and an optional description in the body.
  • Web links: enter one or more URLs at the beginning of the message (one per line), use the subject line as the item name (optional).

Upon receiving your email, Dropmark will immediately reply with your new link or, if something was entered incorrectly, an error message.

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