Content providers

You can use Dropmark to bookmark any websites you encounter on the web.

The following list encompasses some of the most frequently dropmarked websites. When you link to one of these websites Dropmark does all the hard work for you because it already understands the format you’re trying to save - like images, playlists, maps, or videos

  • Amazon (products)
  • Behance (projects)
  • Dailymotion (videos) *
  • Dribbble (shots)
  • Flickr (photos)
  • Google Maps (maps, directions)
  • Hulu (videos, movies) *
  • Instagram (photos)
  • iTunes (products)
  • Kickstarter (projects)
  • Pinterest (pins)
  • Scribd (documents)
  • Slideshare (presentations)
  • Soundcloud (audio)
  • Speakerdeck (presentations)
  • Spotify (songs, albums, playlists)*
  • TED talks (videos)
  • Twitter (tweets)
  • Tumblr (posts)
  • Vevo (videos) *
  • Vimeo (videos)
  • Vine (videos) *
  • YouTube (videos, movies)

*These items are not supported for autoplay as part of a playlist

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