Links, screenshots, and image grabs

There are several ways of saving items from the web to your collections: links, screenshots and image grabs.

These can be utilized in all sorts of different ways, ultimately you’ll find the way you work best, but here are a few examples to help explain when you might want to use create a link versus a screenshot (or the other way around)! 

With all items Dropmarked from the web,  the metadata will still link you to the origin of the item, just a click away.


Links will create a live view of the website each time you click on the item. For example, if you save a link to a designer label, you’ll see their newest selection every time you go into the item. You can also interact with a linked website without even leaving Dropmark.


Screenshots will take a full page screenshot of an entire webpage. This can be incredibly useful if want to keep a historical record of exactly how the website looked at a particular moment in time. With the web constantly changing and reforming this can be a great way to store all sorts of information and design inspiration which could be lost otherwise.

Image Grabs

Image grabs take a specific image from a website and save it directly to your collection. Even if the image is taken down by the website, you will still have a record of it kept, so you can continue to lust about the limited edition print you missed out on forever.

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