Multitasking on your iPad

On your iPad, with iOS 11 or later, you can use multitasking to work with two apps at the same time. Use Dropmark alongside maps to plan road trips, upload quickly from photos, and so much more:

Add locations to Dropmark using Apple Maps

If you’re planning a road trip and want to add a location directly to Dropmark you can do that from Apple maps. Press and hold the location on the map to make a ‘marked location’ and then drag it into Dropmark. Dropmark will save the map as a Google map - this is because Google maps renders more reliably across all devices that you might view Dropmark on.

Add your images from Apple Photos

If you’re using Photos in multitask mode you can select as many or as few images as you like and drag them straight into your Dropmark collection. Then you will be able to access these from anywhere you log onto Dropmark from. 

Add links from your browser

We love web content, and the internet is full of wonderful goodies. When you find something that you want to add to Dropmark just press your finger onto the search bar at the top of your preferred browser and then drag that into Dropmark. Dropmark will then fetch a preview image for the link, so your collection looks as lovely as can be.

Add transcripts from iBooks

Whether you are reading a novel, a business book, or a scientific article, saving transcripts can be useful for whatever the future holds. You can drag transcripts from iBooks directly into Dropmark and they will save as text items. Even better, they'll retain their original source, should you need to cite it in the future.

Drag from your iPad's Files 

You can drag items in your iPad's files directly into Dropmark by going into your Files app, choosing the items you want to add and dragging them into Dropmark. This will upload the full file size to Dropmark, so if they're big hi-res images or documents they may take a few moments to upload. 

Drag your Dropmarked items to an email

Want to share a link or file with someone via email? Just press on the Dropmarked item you’d like to send and drag it straight into your email. If it’s a link your Mail app will render it as a URL, if it is an image or file it’ll get attached to the email. Now you’ve got no excuse to not email your Auntie more often.

Drop your images into your notes app

Using your notes app to draft some content? Add imagery to your draft from Dropmark to get a better sense of your finished work. To drag imagery from Dropmark press on the image that you want to add until you see a shadow appear, then move the image with your finger into the precise point you want to add it to your notes app. Voilà!

This will give you the original file, rather than a preview, so you can really nerd out about your photography’s spec if you want to, we won’t tell.

See more about your iPad’s multitasking gestures.

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