How can I convince my boss to get a Team account?

Using Dropmark makes collaborating easier, quicker, and clearer.

Easier: upload your documents to Dropmark instead of creating never-ending email trails.

Quicker: get your colleagues eyes on your Dropmarked items immediately by mentioning them in comments. Plus, if your team uses Slack, we have an integration so people can view the new items and comments without even needing to open Dropmark.  

Clearer: Dropmark is designed to be a private workspace. It’s not cluttered with extra design details, and you can control who has access to your assets. You can collaborate with your whole team in one collection, an external client in another, and also have space for your personal references and inspiration.

Read our blog post about three different ways you can use Dropmark with your clients.

We made Dropmark because we found that sending clients emails with design edits and feedback requests were slowing us down from actually doing the work. We decided to make Dropmark into a public app when other designers and friends were asking if they could use the tool too. Now thousands of users log on every day.

Why wouldn’t your boss want to use something that gives you the freedom to do your job better than before? Explore one of our Team trials today - you don’t even need a card to sign up. 

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