Organize links, files, and text notes into collections and decide who sees what. Keep your content private, invite friends, or go public. Each collection has its own shareable short link.


Invite colleagues to view and collaborate privately. Share your work with clients and skip e-mail and social media clutter. No sign up required for invited guests. Learn more about collaborating.

Discuss and Annotate

Keep the conversation in one spot. Gather feedback, recommendations, and suggestions from those you invite, right on Dropmark.

Stay updated

What’s everyone working on? What was that link I saw the other day? What did the client say? Now you don’t have to ask. Focus on being productive instead.


Bring your whole team together under one roof. Share collections with your group instantly, provide feedback, and get things done faster. Learn how teams are using Dropmark.

Extensions, apps, & add-ons

Upload screenshots and share files right from your desktop with our Mac app (link Dropmark for Mac), take Dropmark with you everywhere with our iOS app (link Dropmark for iOS), install our browser extensions (link Browser Extensions), integrate with third party tools like Slack, upload by email, and more.

Fullscreen presentations

Say goodbye to Powerpoint. Every Dropmark collection can be viewed as a fullscreen presentation. Mix images, videos, websites, and more

Drag & drop

Drag and drop files right from your desktop or web browser. Your files will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Collaborative playlists & podcasts

Drag in audio or video from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or even your desktop to create custom playlists and dead simple podcasts. Learn about creating playlists.

Instant photo slideshows

Drag and drop photos from your desktop to create instant fullscreen photo slideshows. Invite others to view and add to your collection.

Using Dropmark is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Drag photos, videos, documents, websites, text snippets, and more directly from your desktop or browser.
  2. Drop them into your Dropmark collection. They’re automatically uploaded to the cloud.
  3. Share your collections with anyone, add collaborators, or keep them private and just for yourself.

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