Google Analytics

To connect Google Analytics to your Dropmark account, you must subscribe to a Solo or Team plan.

  1. First, create a Google Analytics account and property if you haven’t created one yet. For info on how to get started with Google Analytics, visit their Getting Started help page.
  2. Once you’ve created a new property in Google Analytics, copy the Tracking ID it gives you. It should look something like UA-1234567-89
  3. Back in Dropmark, if you’re subscribed to a Solo or Team plan, you’ll see a Google Analytics ID field in the tools section of your account settings page (if you’re on a Team plan, this would be on your Team’s account settings page). Paste the Tracking ID into this field and save your account settings.

That’s it! Now when people visit your dashboard, a collection owned by your account, or an item in a collection you own, we’ll ping Google Analytics with the proper tracking info. 

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the analytics to begin showing in your account.

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