Using RSS feeds

Your Dropmark activity and collections are accessible using built-in RSS feeds.

With RSS, you can subscribe using your favorite reader and get notifications whenever new items are posted. RSS feeds are also podcast-friendly and can be subscribed to in iTunes for video and audio content.

You can also use these feeds to integrate with 3rd party tools like Zapier, IFTTT, or Slack.


Your RSS feeds include a private key in the URL which allows you to authenticate the request without providing a username and password. If you want your activity to remain private, you should not publicly post the RSS URL.

If you ever need to reset the private key and invalidate your RSS URLs, click the “Reset private keys” link under the “Private links” section on your account page.

Activity feed

You can grab this RSS feed link from your account or team settings page under the “Private links” section.

Collection feed

You can grab this RSS feed link from the collection’s settings modal under the “Advanced” tab.

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