Colors on Dropmark

Use Dropmark to collect, organize, and create color palettes collaboratively. 

Like any Dropmark item, you can drag to reorder colors, add comments, give your colors meaningful names and descriptions, and group into stacks. Work together to choose a palette for your next project, get inspired, or compile a style guide for your brand.

Add a color

Collect color samples from sites like COLOURlovers, Dribbble, or Adobe Color CC, using HEX codes like #FF0000 (red) or #000000 (black). To add a color, paste one or more HEX colors (including the #) into Dropmark’s text field. To add multiple colors at once, put one color on each line.

You can also drag and drop colors to Dropmark right from your favorite design programs like Photoshop or Sketch.

Dropmark will automatically generate a color palette file (ASE) which designers can use in any Adobe Creative Cloud application.

Go forth and make the world more colorful!

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