Changing cover images and thumbnails

When you add something to Dropmark from the web, Dropmark will try to pull in an image from the site. Sometimes that image doesn’t work for you; it might be a shot generated from a video that is too grainy or an image of your old boss you never want to see again. Either way, it’s easy to change an image you hate.


To change a thumbnail of an item click on the ellipsis button at the bottom of the image and choose ‘change thumbnail’. 

If there are other images on the bookmarked webpage that Dropmark can pull from the site, an arrow button will show on the right side of the image, and you can click through until you see an image that tickles your fancy. Alternatively, you can upload an image that you like from your desktop by clicking on 'upload'.

Cover images

Collections on your dashboard are shown with a cover image, which is automatically populated by Dropmark with the first item that you added to that collection.

What if a collection grows over time into something different and that image no longer represents your collection? Or if you want to change that image to your client’s logo? It’s super easy.

View your dashboard and locate the collection with the cover image you intend to change. Then click the ellipsis button at the bottom middle of the image and from the drop-down choose ‘Change cover’. Now you can scroll through the images in the collection by pressing the arrows that appear on the left and right, or you can upload an image of your own from your desktop. 

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