Archiving a collection

This feature is only available on Solo or Team subscriptions.

This can be a useful feature for completed projects that users no longer need to access, while still retaining a record of the items, unlike deleting the collection and losing all your hard work. When a collection is archived, it is archived for all collaborators.

You can archive a collection from the ‘Advanced’ tab in the collection’s settings. Press the gear icon in the right corner to open the settings and at the bottom of the ‘Advanced’ tab choose ‘Move to archive’.

You can also move collections to the archive when viewing the Dashboard via the “quick options” drop-down. Expand the menu by clicking the ellipsis button that displays when you hover over a collection and choose ‘Move to archive’.

When you archive a collection it removes the collection from your dashboard and sidebar, but you can still search for the collection and access the items at [username]

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